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Treat Your Windows & Increase Natural Light in Your Home this Winter

When looking at window treatments, function and beauty are equally important. You want to compliment your beautiful windows in a way that fits into your home’s unique style. Whether you have a bay or straight windows, discover the best way to dress it up. Details matter! Get inspired by our gorgeous windows and doors and make your home your own!

One crucial component to consider when picking window treatments, is which option will let in the most natural light to your home. We have all experienced the dark winter months of a Toledo, Ohio winter. The level of natural light in your rooms can really affect your mood. Sunshine is packed with vitamin D and it can make you feel more positive. During the cold months, we all feel the winter blues at some time or another.  This can occur when daily body rhythms become out-of-sync because of the reduced sunlight. So, when it is sunny outside- it is important to have as much natural light as possible! Utilize your windows and doors to improve your mood, conserve energy, and increase your productivity levels.

Thick window treatments and curtains often absorb precious natural light. Removing heavy or dark curtains will instantly add light into your dark rooms. Light colors and light weight fabrics all help to preserve your natural light. Sheers are a more modern alternative to lace curtains. A more delicate fabric will create a breezy, soft look that will work in almost every room in the house. They allow light in the room while keeping your privacy.


Top Tip: Fit the frame with a narrow rod so it is virtually invisible and hem curtains just below the glass. Try to fit the curtains a pane or two from the top to let in light in from above. 

Products featured: 400 series frenchwood ® hinged patio door & 400 series tilt-wash double-hung window


Your windows will look great on the inside, but don't forget the view from the street. Create contrast in an otherwise neutral home. Make a bold statement with some lively painted windows and door. Choose a color that makes your home unique. A neutral home provides a sort of blank canvas for you to add your own colorful statement. We love how this home is punctuated with the eye-catching pop of green.


Top Tip: Get more natural light further into your home with glass in your doors. If privacy is an issue, you can always choose a frosted or tinted window.

Products featured: 400 series frenchwood ® hinged patio door & 400 series specialty windows


Accent your windows and doors with some mosaic tiles. These patterned tiles add rich color and personality to the otherwise neutral color scheme. This warm, sunset inspired color scheme looks exotic and relaxing. These tall doors and large windows flood the room with natural light. This dreamy, Bohemian look is perfect for the patio of your dreams. 


Top Tip: Try incorporating different styles into your home. This look has incorporated both Moroccan and European details.

Products featured: Loewen French Chateau Casement Windows with Camber Top 


Curtains in a subtle print are a laid-back solution to dressing large bay windows. This style of window dressing works best with lightweight or sheer fabrics. They are often lighter than drapes, so they have a more relaxed, casual feeling. Simple and chic, this contemporary look is perfect for bedrooms.


Top Tip: Make sure there is plenty of length on your curtains so that they pool on the floor and complete the look.

A traditional shutter is an effortless stylish choice of window dressing. Although glass and screens have eliminated the functional need for shutters, if used correctly they can enhance the entire look of your home. If you choose to optimize your shutters for functionality, enjoy a dark room to sleep in on the weekends. However, if you like them purely for their aesthetic, then let in all the light while creating a unique look on all the windows in your home. 


Top Tip: Be careful when selecting shutters! Consider the many sizes, materials, styles, and hardware before you pick the right shutters for you.  


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