Architect's Choice Windows & Doors - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you carry vinyl replacement windows?
Yes we carry vinyl window products from Andersen, Silverline, Atrium and Solaris.

Do composite windows hold up better than wood?
Yes, with composites like Fibrex from Andersen you never have to worry about rotting or warping.

Do you have your own installers?
Yes, all installs are done by our own installers and subcontractors, and all labor warranties are backed by Architect’s Choice, a division of Overhead Inc. of Toledo.

What is lead time on special order windows?
Typically special orders require 5-7 week lead time. Some lead times may vary based on size of order and more standardized options.

Does Andersen provide replacement windows or are they just for new construction? 
Both Architect’s Choice and Andersen Windows have products for both the replacement and new construction applications.

Why are fiberglass entry doors better that steel? 
Fiberglass has a lifetime warranty and will not rust or dent like a steel door. In addition, they are more energy efficient.

Are fiberglass entry doors maintenance free? 
No door is maintenance free. Fiberglass doors should be washed occasionally or when dirty, much like you would do for your car. Wood grain stained doors, like a real wood door, may need refinishing or a coat of polyurethane as they are exposed to weather over the years. Also, like a real wood door, the wood grain fiberglass can be stripped and re-stained to another color if desired.

Can I get a Lifestyle screen on any size garage door?  
The smallest Lifestyle screen is 6’ wide x 7’ tall and the largest is 18’ wide by 10’ tall. Any size in between is no problem for the Lifestyle screen as they are customized for your project.